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Friday, February 25, 2011

Tories Step Up Their Attack

Canadians would appear to be in a pessimistic mood as of late. Perhaps the mood of the nation can be attributed to the economy, gas prices or the never ending winter. Whatever the case may be the current Tory attack ads seem to be working. Canadians, unlike our Americans neighbours, have historically reacted negatively to political attack ads, however the Tories have properly sensed the pulse of the nation. 

 Although not increasing in key ridings in Ontario, British Columbia and Atlantic Canada, support for the Conservative party remains strong with attack ads targeting the still untested Michael Ignatieff. Jack Layton has been in talks with the Prime Minster in the hopes to work out a deal that would allow parliament to continue past the looming spring election. Layton knows that if an election were called today, the NDP would have to deal with the always dreaded “strategic vote” that sees NDP supporters voting Liberal to prevent a Conservative majority government. 

I would first mention that political polls are almost never correct. There are so many variables to consider that skew the final data. The time of day, age category, and region of those asked all play into the final results of political polling. The one thing the Liberals do have going for them is the fear this generates in Canadians. Every poll that has been done regarding a Conservative majority under Harper has resulted in the same outcome, with Canadians feeling uneasy. Canadians seem to be okay with a minority Harper at the helm, but only if the leash of the left is firmly secured around his neck. Watch out for those Big Blue Waves…  

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